Natural, beautiful and proven, our Eastern white cedar shingles enhance the look of your home and make a statement when combined with our natural wood siding.

Rebutted & Resquared Shingles

These shingles are distinguished by their perfectly straight butt, which enhances their beauty and makes them easy to install, saving both time and money.

Kiln-Dried Shingles

These shingles provide superior stability. When selected for the kiln, each shingle is specially prepared to ensure uniform dryness. For optimal protection, all our painted kiln-dried shingles are boxed.

Weathering Stained Shingles

Our weathering stained shingles come ready to install. We individually dip them in PPG/Olympic’s Weathering Stain for maximum protection. The stain accelerates the wood’s natural weathering process while ensuring an attractive, uniform, low maintenance finish that provides improved wood stability and resistance to cracking, blistering and peeling. *No warranty on weathering stain products.

Factory Stained Shingles

Our factory-stained shingles offer the best of both worlds – the natural beauty of real wood and the durability of a prestained product. Available in an unlimited range of solid colours.


Download a printable copy of the Cape Cod Siding Shingle Spec Sheet(EN)

Download a printable copy of the Cape Cod Siding Shingle Spec Sheet(FR)


Shingle Specifications

A/B Mix

Approx. 15 1/2” to 16” (39.4 to 40.6 cm)

Approx. 3 1/4” to 11” (8.3 to 27.9 cm)

Area covered per bundle (box):
25 sq. ft. (2.32 m2) with a 5” (12.7 cm) exposure

Calculating the Quantity Required
Area Covered by 1 square (4 bundles)
Common Exposures Area Covered
4” (10.2 cm) 80 sq. ft. (7.4 sq. m)
5” (12.7 cm) T100 sq. ft. (9.3 sq. m) standard
6” (15.2 cm) 120 sq. ft (11.2 sq. m)



Enjoy our Shingle Semi Transparent collection. For all other solid finishes, check out our Colour Selector.

Atlantic Gold
CCS# 41276
Fundy Clay
CCS# 51832
Marble Mountain
CCS# 73475


Northumberland Shore
CCS# 73476
Sable Island Gray
CCS# 23522
New Scotland
CCS# 73474


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