Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding is one of North America’s only specialists in pre-finished wood sidings, trims, and color-matched accessories, all manufactured under one roof in a completely controlled environment. Because we manufacture the siding from a raw piece of wood to a finished product, we control the quality at each stage of production. It’s your assurance of a 100% usable product.

Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding is part of family-owned and operated Marwood Ltd.. From our inception of hauling logs by horse and sleigh to being a competitive leader in today’s global market, Cape Cod Siding / Marwood Ltd. is a leader in forest resource product development. As a certified member of the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada we are a company that has been supplying the finest quality exterior wood products for three generations.

The Natural Choice

Wood Siding Engineered by Nature

Enjoy the traditional aesthetics of real wood siding combined with durability and strength. Nothing influences the impression your home makes more than its exterior finish and natural wood siding is the preferred choice.

Your Home is your Canvas

An important artistic medium for centuries, wood is beautiful and versatile. Cape Cod Siding offers a wide range of siding options to complement your home’s design, reflecting your lifestyle and taste. From traditional horizontal bevel, to vertical board and batten or a sleek contemporary channel, Cape Cod Siding gives you artistic rein with siding and trim profiles that will add distinctive architectural detail to your home.

Our Colours will Inspire You

From traditional favorites that stand the test of time, to today’s current trends, our color experts will do the hard work for you. All you need to do is choose!

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