Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding
Our Story
The Natural Choice
Manufactured for Excellence
Finished to Perfection
Low Maintenance Siding
In manufacturing low maintenance siding we start with the best. Cape Cod Siding is produced from hand selected Canadian Lodgepole Pine. Only our best wood is slowly and carefully kiln dried to achieve the low moisture content required to create strong, stable siding.
Advanced Technology
Using state-of-the-art technology, our skilled woodworkers saw each board with the same care as craftsmen of yesteryear. The result is a high quality, traditional looking textured surface that makes Cape Cod Siding truly distinctive.
Long Term Protection
Cape Cod Wood Siding is sealed on all sides applying the finest finish available; PPG Machine Applied Coatings, which is a 100% acrylic, breathable water-based paint. This top-quality finish is applied under strictly controlled factory conditions ensuring that the required thickness is applied over the entire surface of the siding. This system produces a uniform finish and maximum protection that cannot be achieved with field applied paint..
Customer Preference Center
Our designers have selected a wide range of standard colours based on current trends and traditional favourites. If you have something specific in mind, our colour laboratory is fitted with the best technology for capturing your inspiration and ensuring it can be reproduced correctly every time. Bring us the colour that will bring your home to life. You will receive a colour sample so you can see exactly how your siding colour choice will look on your home.